This video shows some more bouts of the Burmese Boxing youngster's tournament near Hpa An, Kayin State, Myanmar, which was held in celebration of a buddhist novice's inauguration ceremony in April 2013. At the end of the video, one can see that the beginner fights of the older adolescents can get quiet bloody already, even if they are stopped immediately by the referee if one of the opponents has to take too many hard hits.

As one can also see again in this video, all the competitors of the tournament get paid small amounts of money during and after their bouts as an appreciation of their engagement and bravery. The duration of the bouts varies between only a few seconds and a few minutes, with no fixed breaks or rounds - instead, as soon as one of the opponents becomes visibly inferior to the other, the bout is stopped and ended by the referee. Also one can see some of the youngsters performing their traditional boxing dance ("Louvi Yi Pya") at the end of a bout with intent to show respect to the officials and to thank the music orchestra and the audience for their support.

Lethwei in Kayin State

Lethwei Kid’s Tournament near Taw Gyi Done Village

Image Series and Video Clips Part 3

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Image Series: Lethwei Kid’s Tournament near Taw Gyi Done Village

(Part 3)