Lethwei in Kayin State

3-Day Thingyan Lethwei Tournament near Eindu, Kayin State

Image Series and Video Clips Part 1

One of the biggest Thingyan 2013 boxing events in Kayin State took place on an open area approx. 4km behind Eindu Village, on the road no. 85 from Hpa An to Myawaddy (Mae Sot / Thai border). The entire battle arena, including seated stands and ring construction, was specially built for the occasion of the event - the whole construction traditionally made of bamboo and wood, with roofs and walls of braided leaf mats to shelter the interior from sun and the looks of spectators not willig to pay the entrance fee. A whole seating area to one of the four sides of the ring was traditionally reserved for buddhist monks - with an extra spacious area and free soft drinks for the abbots and the senior monks.

The video above shows parts of one of the most fierce and bloody battles of the second day between two advanced level competitors.

As this was a comparatively big and well organized Lethwei event, there was even an on-site medical service that conducted pre-fight health checks and immediate wound treatments on a professional level - which was repeatedly needed, as you can see in the image series below...

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Image Series: Thingyan Lethwei Tournament near Eindu, Kayin State

(Part 1)