Another peculiarity in Burmese Boxing tournaments is that the preliminary elimination bouts often are interrupted after each round and mixed with the bouts of other participants: the two boxers step out of the ring after round one and other pairs of opponents conduct their first rounds, before couple one resumes its bout with round two - and so on. This is done to prevent the boxers from overexerting themselves in the first bouts already, to give them a chance to restart fresh and maybe with a changed strategy, and to keep the audience's tension on a maximum level.

The video above shows an action-packed battle between two heavier boxers, which ends up in a draw. The image series below shows another barnstorming bout featuring a 'Cement Factory Gym' - Boxer, who won the fight by K.O. in round three.

As one can see in the video, it is also common that the tournament officials or wealthy people from the audience honor fighters with extra money even during the ongoing round - after spectacular actions have occurred, or one of the boxers demonstrated extraordinary fighting spirit.

Lethwei in Kayin State

3-Day Thingyan Lethwei Tournament near Eindu, Kayin State

Image Series and Video Clips Part 3

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Image Series: Thingyan Lethwei Tournament near Eindu

(Part 3)